Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why this blog?

When starting a blog, the main question really to ask is, "why". And this should probably be followed up promptly by, "does anyone actually give a shit?".

My "why" is easy; I have two blogs already and am often wanting to write things that I don't feel are appropriate to either of those spaces (one is specifically family oriented, the other is about my photography). So this is to be my traveler blog. The one I write about where I'm going and where I've been, the restaurants I eat at, the people I meet along the way.

It's also a bit of a journal. I have vied to keep a journal for, oh, most of my life, and it never stuck. Blogging seems to be something I can do fairly regularly, and the ability to post from anywhere at anytime (my computer, iPhone, internet café), seems to help. That and it's harder to leave a blog on the train in Amsterdam than it is a paper journal. Yeah, you know who you are buddy ;-)

And then there's the whole "it's a new chapter in my life" saga. I'm recently separated and getting divorced, which is obviously not an easy thing to go through. My family has moved away and while I see them regularly, I now have a lot more time to fill than I had before. So finding things to do other than watching I Love Lucy reruns or drinking two bottles of wine a night is probably a Good Thing™. Of course if it's really good wine, that will still win every time.

I recently was awarded with American Airlines' Platinum status on their airline. Which I suppose means I travel. A lot. My travels are pretty much always for business or to visit family, but the clever thing about my time spent traveling is I can often sneak in a side-trip or extend through a long weekend and visit another city, other friends, another restaurant. Obviously that's where the more interesting writing for this blog will come from.

I do love to eat. Oh boy do I looooooove to eat. So I'll write about that sort of thing up here extensively. Usually with pictures; I'm not shy about photographing a plate before making love to it. I enjoy cooking too so it's fun to get ideas from amazing chefs around the globe and incorporate them at home.

Now for the second question; does anyone actually give a shit? Time will tell.

Let's get cookin'


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