Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Map Treasure

Last weekend I stumbled on an ad on craigslist from someone giving away a bag full of maps from Europe and the U.S.! I love maps, so thought it worth the drive to pick up this big bag full of unknown treasure.

The guy these came from was either a serious traveler or a map collector. There are some great ones in here. Now don't get me wrong, most are just from the 90's (1990's, not 1890's), so it's not like they're worth anything. But, it's still a fun peek into recent history.

This is great, it's a map of the U.S. with a route traced on it. Someone drove from Ithaca, NY to Bozeman, MT.

This entire map is hand-drawn. It's a social-sharing thing, asking you to write in with your travel adventures. Before blogging, I suppose ;-) This one is from 1992. These are still available on

Mykonos, Greece


I love this one from Switzerland…

Check out the great illustrations!

Fun stuff. Maps are an amazing catalog of history and I think often overlooked as a fun way to study our past. (And really, I'm not making fun of my previous post subject. Honest).