Friday, August 31, 2007

Mad for Madrid

T–4 days before I leave for Amsterdam, and another week after that before Madrid. I can't bloody wait.

This trip to Madrid will be an new experience for me, where I pretend to be 19 again and imagine myself backpacking through Europe. With a Tumi and a MacBook Pro… right, whatever. OK so perhaps not real backpacking but I will be staying in a hostel. And it's only partially because I'm a cheap bastard; the real reason (or justifiable one) is that I want to meet interesting people, hang out with new friends, visit some unexpected places, and in general just do something out of the ordinary. Sounds like a riot.

An utterly delicious friend of mine who will go by W on here (because it's her first initial and much easier for me to remember while blogging drunk than applying some pseudonym like Jane or Maria or Aphrodite) told me about a hostel in Madrid called the Mad Hostel. She had a blast, and frankly creo que es una beuna idea quedar en un lugar coma esto. Pues… voy.

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Who the hell knows what I'll find. Maybe I'll make friends. Maybe I'll fall in love. Maybe I'll get my luggage stolen.

Party on, Wayne.