Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A weekend in Budapest, Sunday

(back-posted to keep chronological order)

Sunday we visited Saint Stephen's Basilica, wandered down to the water (where we ran into a marathon, or rather you could say it ran into us!), and then turned back to spend the day in Pest, which except for some shopping and lunch, we'd neglected the day before.

Saint Stephen's Basilica

Saint Stephen's Basilica

A marathon! Oops, run!

Heading the other direction, after checking out the great Széchenyi Medicinal Bath (unfortunately we were unprepared so had to skip a soak), we quite accidentally stumbled upon the Pannon Bországgyülés (wine festival) in the Városliget (city park). This turned out to be a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon, as we wandered from stall to stall tasting local wines and sampling local foods. It couldn't have been more perfect.

The Pannon Bországgyülés in the Városliget

After the long walk to the park, we decided to try our hand at the metro back to the hotel. It's an ancient system but apparently working quite well, and we only got yelled at in Hungarian once that we were going the wrong way!

Budapest Metro

Overall we had a fantastic, albeit too short, weekend in Budapest. I can't wait to go back and dig deeper into this beautiful and fascinating city.

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