Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A weekend in Budapest, Saturday

(back-posted to keep chronological order)

After a divine breakfast at the hotel, we spent Saturday morning wandering around the local shops. We stumbled upon a hidden plaza; a veritable treasure trove of collectibles, pottery, historically traditional clothing and naturally, a gorgeous wine shop. We purchased a bottle to sneak into the spa at the hotel, later.

A cute shopping plaza and the Présház Borkerskedés Winestore

After a quick stop back at the hotel to drop off our treasures, we headed back over the bridge to spend some time on Castle Hill. Occasional rain torrents chased us up the hill, but it just added to the fun as we ducked into the museum to escape the worst of the rain, or just walked around getting wet!

Vista from Buda Castle

A fountain at Buda Castle

Finally we made our way back down the hill, across the river and past the hotel to look for lunch. We took our chances in a dark bar down a dark street, partially out of desperation to find somewhere to avoid the rain. The food was fine, but on the way back to the hotel we were absolutely soaked!


But it made for the perfect excuse to visit the hotel spa for a hot soak, and to drink our contraband wine.

Sneaking wine into the spa… shhhh!!

The evening closed with a gorgeous twilight view of Saint Stephen's Basilica, and dinner at a little Italian place, Trattoria Mamma's.

Saint Stephen's Basilica

Tiramisu at Trattoria Mamma's

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