Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Iran next?

We've all heard the beat of the war drum against Iran. Does the resignation of Admiral William Fallon, the US military commander for the Middle East, a staunch opponent of war in Iran (did you get that? He's a military commander and he's against war in Iran), mean Bush is one step closer to getting what he wants?

This is an interesting article on Al Jazeera with a couple of perspectives on why he retired. Be sure to read the interview in the sidebar from September 2007.


Alenka said...

Yes it is next! I believe that one of the reasons "you" went to Afghanistan and Irak is to come to Iran!

Maybe i'm wrong or maybe i'm not.

Frenchie said...

Yeah, this is so sad and sick...
Did you notice the shortage of book on Iran in the travel section at Barnes and Noble... get the only and last one on Saturday.
Flying there in 10 days, before they close the borders and especially BEFORE this madden men ( Bush), decide to bomb it!
What a sick world.
Call me before I leave... need to talk to you (personal).
A wagon of love, peace, and hugs to the both of you.
A Frenchie refusing and "embargoing" (LOL) to embrass the american citizenship