Monday, September 10, 2007

Casa di David

Ah, Casa di David – Italian food. One of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam. Always stellar quality, creative and fresh ingredients and always, always a pleasure. I've never had a bad meal here. A couple of highlights…

This pasta dish (above) had a black pasta that was to-die-for. We thought perhaps made withs squid ink, but the waiter said seaweed. Whatever it was, it was amazing. I'm sure it helped tremendously that it was cooked perfectly, and everyone was stealing bites from the plate. Simply divine.

Grilled lamb chops, delicious. Cooked nice and rare, as I like them. Naturally I had to pick them up with my fingers and gnaw on the bones… not very European, but whatever. Too good not to.

(apologies for the crap photos… I forgot my camera and these are low-light iPhone shots)

Casa di David
Singel 426
1017 AV Amsterdam
+31 20-624-5093

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rating: 5 feet
verdict: make a reservation and go!


Anonymous said...

fab food.
great company.

crappy seating... 5 of us around a table barely built for 4.

but fab food.