Friday, September 14, 2007

Arbitrary restaurant rating system explained

I've been playing with the format a bit and I think I've settled on something. Yes, I make this up as I go along, and yes I might change it… but here's a basic guide.

5 feet : Sell your own children if you have to, to get there. It's that good. Reserved for the best of the best.

4 feet :
Great food and atmosphere, would definitely go again.

3 feet :
Acceptable food, really just somehow slightly better than "good enough" but intriguing enough that I might go again.

2 feet :
Good enough; if you're invited or can't find anything better, go ahead. But don't go out of your way.

1 foot :
Really not worth walking to; I'll never go again.

0 feet :
Horrible disgusting place I wouldn't take my enemies to.

To find all restaurant reviews, click on the "restaurant review" link under Blog Labels in the sidebar. Similarly you can find all of a particular rating the same way.

Finally I'll include as much information as I can about the place so you can find it, including where feasible, a map link.


rating: 0–5 feet

verdict: my summarized opinion of the place
PS - Why feet? Because I like to walk, and I especially like restaurants I can walk to.


Anonymous said...

0 feet???

what about -1 or -2 feet?

what if a restaurant is soooo bad, it causes a near fatal experience??

like serious food poisoning?
i'm just saying.....