Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Vacation, SeaWorld San Diego

Following my four-week, round-the-world trip (which I still have to finish posting on, I know…) I took two weeks of to spend with the kids. I took them to SeaWorld for a few days, then for five days of camping at Lake Henshaw.

SeaWorld was wonderful, and the kids had a great time. They were having a deal where if you bought a one-day pass by June 25, you got the rest of the year free. So I bought the tickets online early and planned to spend three days there. No you don't really need three days to see SeaWorld, but with little kids in tow, it's nice to know you can just go for a few hours at at time. We watched countless shows of dolphins, whales, seals and otters, pet and fed manta rays, walked through a tunnel of sharks, and took in the view from the Sky Tower.

The Shamu show

View from the Sky Tower

And the best part of coming and going as you please from the park… we spent as much time as we wanted at the hotel pool.

View from the Sheraton hotel

Not much to write about; the photos tell the story.

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