Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kumako Ramen, San Jose

This is one of my locals; I figured I should start singing some of their praises, too!

In the heart of Japan Town, Kumako Ramen is a great location for a hot bowl of ramen on a cold evening. Like tonight. A nippy 54ºF is wonderful cold-walk to hot-noodles weather!

They bill themselves as "New York Style Japanese noodles", whatever that means… guess I'll have to have ramen next time I'm in NYC to compare! The noodles are good here, and consistent. I wouldn't call them amazing, but since I keep going back they must be doing something right. The menu offers traditional ramen bowls as well as some 'fusion' types, like Curry Ramen I enjoyed tonight. A bit of an Indian-Japanese marriage of flavors, with a touch of spice. Nice!

Kumako Ramen
211 Jackson St.
Japantown, San Jose, CA 95112
+1 408-286-2111

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rating: 4 feet
verdict: saddle up to the bar, say hi to Art, pick something spicy and order a cold beer to go with it!