Saturday, September 8, 2007

Teppanyaki Nippon

Finally went out for a proper dinner last night for the first time. We were both in the mood for sushi, so we asked at the Concierge for a recommendation. They said that Teppanyaki Nippon, which is a teppanyaki house upstairs and sushi downstairs was good. So we went, and it was only mediocre. The sushi bar was the right height for a 5-year old (surprising since the average height in Holland is about 7'3"), so we had to sit at a table (boring!). The fish was fresh enough but too cold, and rather bland. Nothing terribly interesting about the presentation or the decor. I had to order most of my dishes in English as the waitress didn't recognize Japanese names (ok maybe it's my accent). The sake was good, but in typical Dutch fashion we were told they didn't have something when they did – a larger bottle of sake. They had no sake menu (bad sign), and only offered "hot or cold". We asked for cold, got a small bottle which disappeared in about 30 seconds. We finally got offered the larger bottle when they saw how quickly that one disappeared.

Unfortunately my companion got really sick that night. On the floor, clutching her stomach, wondering if her will was up-to-date kind of sick. The house doctor was useless, "probably not food poisoning… if you have painkillers take those" - click. Since I had zero effect and we ate exactly the same thing (shared every plate that came), it's hard to imagine how it could be the food… but maybe she got that one slice of bad fish. I dunno… but I do know we won't be going back there again.

Teppanyaki Nippon
Reguliersdwarsstraat 18-20
1017 BM Amsterdam

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rating: 1 foot
verdict: don't bother


Anonymous said...

verdict: don't bother...??

all due respect... i think it should read:... run...! in the other direction!
unless a near death experience is what you want.
imagine a menu that reads:

tuna maguro...€5.95
toro nigiri...€6.95
kappa maki..€4.95
death by..priceless

if only i had known just how invaluable the experience would be...