Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last day in Madrid

OK I never got back to posting about the final day in Spain, so here's a litany of photos and scattered comments to fill the 'missing day'. I spent my last day in Madrid wandering the streets, visiting El Museo del Prado, picnicing in the park, and enjoying the Spanish sun.

Fantastically colorful posters outside of El Prado

And some pretty paintings

I had to buy some local art from the artist

Ah, a picnic in the the Parque del Retiro

And a walk by the royal lake, Estanque del Retiro

EuroBasket07; European Basketball. Wait, Where's Slovenia??

Sushi & Pasta… are you f'ing kidding me???

Free hugs for all!

Salad with tuna, roasted red peppers and olives

I'll, erm, let you translate that one. A Mexican bar in the middle of Madrid. Love it!